The Wedding Brocade

Borne out of the threads of passion and fine taste in 2011, The Wedding Brocade (TWB) weaved together these elements to form a tapestry of style, glamour and elegance. 

Appealing to the modern day chic bride who loves her classics, The Wedding Brocade’s signature style strikes the perfect balance of traditional meets couture. Our bi-annual in-house designed collection injects the latest seasonal trends of modern sophistication on classic silhouettes for a timeless finishing. 

Each TWB dress is given meticulous attention to detail by our Brocade Artisans who ensure that richly woven silk laces and brocades interlaced with semi-precious stones are immaculately cut and sewn under the watchful eye of our master tailors to ensure quality and the perfect fit. Design elements such as intricate detailing, ethereal silhouettes, exquisite handpicked 3D laces and our premium songkets are sought after by our Brocade Brides. 

An extension of our “classics”, the 2018 collection introduces bolder and warmer colours such as the 2018 Pantone colour, Ultraviolet and Taupe, and highlights more streamlined, feminine silhouettes and princess cuts with flowing chiffon trains. 

About Katt Ibrahim:

Design and makeup maestro by day and mom by night, Katt Ibrahim first started out her career as an educator but her passion to create pushed her to jumpstart her career in wedding. With a forte  in bridal cosmetics, Katt eventually designed her own bridal and couture pieces that led to the startup of The Wedding Brocade. Following the successful launch of The Wedding Brocade, life in the fashion lane soared for Katt as she branched out into ready-to-wear in 2017. While bridal remains the heart of the brand, the Prêt-à-Porter collection translates and reflects her colourful personality with the label’s in-house design bold prints.

The Brocade Atelier

Suspended between dream and reality, our showroom studio, The Brocade Atelier, has the quintessential setting that transcends elegance and classical beauty, allowing every bride’s distinct personality to gleam in uniqueness.

We provide an intimate experience with undivided attention and fine-tune every dress to fit to perfection, translating every bride’s dream of the perfect wedding dress into reality. While defining moments and creating memories, we narrate each wedding that speaks for each love story.

Our Team


Yati Sarifuddin

Business Operation Manager

Syu Husaini

Senior Bridal Stylist

Mahsuri Minhat

Senior Bridal Stylist



Nor Aishah Abdul Rahman


Senior Makeup Artist

Katt Ibrahim

Liza Elias

Suzanah Jusuf

Aisha Song

Makeup Artist

Eza Sheik

Tasha Jaslim

Shireen Nashruddin

Aisyah Yeow


Siti Aisha

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